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What I need to have in my room (za chyby v textu neručim:)
In my room I have a lot of important things for me. Room is so small, but I like it. The most important thing there is a piano. When I have a bad day and ill humour, I go to play the piano and it helps me. Seldom I play the guitar or flute. I need a lot of posters of my favourite bands, photos from abroad, notice-boards with memorial things and pictures, bacause its decorate all the white walls in room. On one wall I have a wall-paper with notes. It is my most favourite thing in the room. I have some plants for decoration too, especially cactuses.
The most widely used thing is probably an alarm clock. He wake me up every morning. Very used thing is TV too. Every evening I watching TV or DVD, I like comedies and serials. Occasionally I listen the radio.
Next important thing is a notebook. I do my homeworks on it, play games, watch films, listen the music and chat with friends. The most useful thing is a bed.
However, sleaping on the floor isn´t so comfortable. In my bed, there are a lot of teddy bears by my friends and family. Beside the bed I have a lamp and book case with text-books and exercise-books. I haven´t got a table or a desk in my room, so I study in the bed :). Sometimes it´s very impractical, when I have to do some homeworks of descriptive geometry.

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1 Novosad Novosad | E-mail | Web | 22. listopadu 2011 v 12:06 | Reagovat

Moc dobrý. Těším se na další

2 Barman Barman | Web | 10. září 2017 v 19:28 | Reagovat

To je docel dobry

3 Pivko Pivko | Web | 23. září 2017 v 20:39 | Reagovat

Jeste, ze hrajeme vsichni na kytaru...

4 Levak Levak | Web | 28. září 2017 v 9:54 | Reagovat

Doporucte mi nejake kytarove lekce

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